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Usefulness and Necessity: Using Tyre Warmers

Usefulness and Necessity: Using Tyre Warmers

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Tyre warmers

Tire warmers for the motorcycle come in different shapes and sizes. First of all, it is important to know why Tire Warmers are so important on the track

Why use Tyre Warmers?

Tire warmers ensure that you can heat the tires in advance to the ideal operating temperature. This temperature is normally between 80-85 degrees. The big advantage of this is that the tires immediately provide sufficient grip at the start of the session. Another important advantage is that the tire stays at temperature throughout the entire day, so the tire only has 1 heat cycle. This means that the tire only gets warm once and cold once. This increases the life of the tire.

Benefits of Tyre Warmers

By using tire warmers you ensure that you do not have to drive two laps to warm up the tires, tires last longer, provide immediate grip and therefore many times safer than warming them up on the track. Because the tires are up to temperature, there is less chance of the tires breaking, eating marks and crashes due to cold tires. In addition, you make optimal use of your track time and you lose time by warming up yourself.

Tyre pressure

By heating the tires, often at least 60 minutes in advance, you can perfectly regulate the air pressure in the tire. Always try to equalize the air pressure as accurately as possible with any air pressure that increases or decreases while driving. Use a tire pressure gauge for this. Tire pressure should be checked throughout the day. This is often higher in the morning than in the afternoon because the temperature rises. Do this before and after every session! This also applies if you do not use tire warmers.

What types of Tyre Warmers are there?

Tire warmers come in many different shapes and sizes. First of all, it is very important to buy the right size. Too small will not heat the tire properly, too big will cause the tire to not be heated properly and the tire warmers will burn on the inside.
There are tire warmers that have a fixed position, and therefore heat to one temperature. The advantage of this is that you no longer have to worry about it during the day. Digital tire warmers have the great advantage that you can also use them for wet tires (max 60°C), or to increase the temperature when it is warmer outside/the track so that the temperature of the tire matches as much as possible. This can go up to 100-110°C.

Capit - Thermal Technology - IRC - BIHR - Tire Warmers

We offer different brands for every budget and level, from trackday tire warmers to the professional tire warmers that are digitally adjustable and come straight from MotoGP and WSBK.

Tyre warmers

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